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Rent a electric bike in Amsterdam

From: 35,00

Super comfortable for anyone. Great for cruising all day long.

With a maximum speed of 28 k/h and a travel distance up to 100km on a single charge, our eBikes are ready for your city adventures. By default our bikes come with a 250W motor, full suspension hydraulic disc brakes, LCD bluetooth display and free battery swaps!

Just have fun with our rides & don’t forget our concierge style service. We are happy to provide you with insider tips on things to do in Amsterdam.

See our frequently asked questions below.

Booking periods & return

Our e-bikes are bookable per day. Please return your e-bike before 19:30. No time to bring it in? Give us a call if we need to pick it up!

Questions or special requests?

Need more info about our e-bikes, the booking process or have special requests like delivery at your hotel? Give us a call at +

Please let us know at what time you want to pick up your ebike(s) at our store so we can prepare them.

Our regular opening-hours are monday to sunday from 09:00 to 20:00 hours. If you rent a electric bike with your accommodation you need to return the bike within their opening-hours.

Included in our electric bike rental is the premium electric bike (duuh), a charger, lock and a city map. The charger is in a bag where you also have a single use bottle to repair your tire (if used 5 euro’s will be charged).

Renting a electric bike with us is really simple; you book your rental online or walk into one of our stores, you choose the bike you want and within 5 minutes you are good to go.

In fact we do! We love to show you around our beautiful city in your own pace. Our guides are all locals who tailor-make the experience for you. You can book the tours directly with your electric bike rental online or add it in our shops.

Yes we have multiple types to choose from. We have electric bike that are great within the city center but we also have electric mountainbikes or electric racebikes.

No we do not. We only rent electric bikes. If you are looking for a manual bike we are more then happy to help you with that.

It’s not mandatory but we prefer if you can book at your earliest connivance. If we know you are renting a electric bike with us we can set it up and polish them for you. If you want to spontaneous rent a electric bike with us you can always walk into the store. This does not guarantee that we have them.

You can verify your rental with a passport, national identity card or a driver’s license. We will store this in a safe location and you will get it back afterwards. If you book online you can also upload one of the documents in your account.

Yes we can. For a small fee we will deliver it to every hotel, apartment, hostel, (Air)BnB or camper within the city borders of the shops.

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We take care of everything around your ride with our concierge style service. Such as:

– Drop-off & pick up eBikes around Amsaterdam
– Battery swaps
– Amsterdam insider tips
– Guided “off the beaten track” tours

Full suspension is the epitome of the comfortable riding experience. Using technology commonly found in mountain bikes, a full suspension bike will absorb most of the impact from the road so that the rider feels nothing and give you a more comfortable, controlled and safe ride.

In addition to using traditional locks, each electric bike comes with an integrated security system. When switched on the motion sensor will detect any movement of the bike, activating a loud alarm and locking the rear wheel in place, preventing the bike from being rolled away.